Booty bandit workout

abbey-bandsNo gym? No problem! This work out can be done anywhere at all, the only thing you need is yourself and some resistance bands with a chair or step!

Band kick backs with a chair

Begin by facing a chair or even a table with a resistance band around your ankles. Place your hands on the chair seat, wrists below your shoulders for support. Extend the left foot back to approximately a forty five degree angle and return the foot back to the starting position. Repeat for as many reps as necessary and then move to the right leg and repeat.

Hip thrust with band

Position the resistance band so that it is just below your knees. Sit on the floor with your feet flat and your knees hip width apart. Your back should be facing the seat of the chair. You can also use a step for this exercise. Balance your upper body on the edge of the surface you are using so that its edge is at your bra line for support. Slowly lower your hips towards the floor before pushing up through your heels to lift the hips. Squeeze the glutes and pause momentarily before returning to the starting position. You can make this exercise tougher by adding some weight.

Lateral band walks

Begin with your feet hip distance apart and a band around your ankles. Maintain a slight bend in the knees. Begin by taking a step to the left with the left foot and then bring the right foot towards it. Keep the feet hip distance apart to maintain tension throughout the movement. Continue taking steps, and then swap to the opposite direction with the opposite foot. You can either keep going as far as possible or limit yourself to a set amount of repetitions!

Seated band push

Begin by sitting on the edge of a chair with a resistance band just below your knees. Your feet should be hip width apart and your feet flat on the floor. Begin the exercise by allowing the knees to cave inwards before pushing them back out until they are in line with your ankles. You can vary this exercise by leaning forwards, sitting in a neutral position and also leaning backwards slightly.

Banded deadlift

Stand on a resistance band with both feet hip width apart. Hold the band with your two hands. Bend the knees slightly then hinge forwards pushing your hips back until your chest is in line with the floor. Ensure you do not round your back and keep the abs tight. Squeeze your glutes to return yourself back to the starting position and repeat for the necessary amount of repetitions.


Lying hip abduction

Begin this exercise by lying on your side with a resistance band loosely around your ankles. Place one foot over the other and stack your hips so that they are also on top of each other. Position your arm so that if feels comfortable, some people prefer it to be in front of the body and others prefer to rest it under their head. Breathe in then as you breathe out; lift the top leg upwards as far as possible. Breathe in as you return your leg to its starting position. Repeat for as many repetitions as necessary.

Resistance band squats

Begin with a resistance band around your ankles and your feet shoulder width apart. Lower your body into a squat position by pushing the hips back and keeping the back straight. Make sure your knees stay behind your toes throughout the movement. When you reach the bottom of the squat, hold this position for a few seconds then slowly return to the starting position of the exercise. Repeat for as many repetitions as necessary.

These exercises are fantastic for shaping the glutes and it is even better that you can do them at home.  They also make a great finisher at the end of leg day to really burn out those glutes. Resistance bands are a great tool that you can bring and use anywhere without taking up much space in your bag.  They are also excellent for warming up with and make a great addition to any workout!


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