Hey Hi Hello!

I’m Sarah, welcome to my blog!

I have been writing for my protein for a few years now and since I love it so much ( and at the suggestion of my lovely editor, Thanks Laura! ) finally decided to set up my own little space where I can share some ramblings and nuggets of wisdom I have picked up along the way on my fitness journey.

I have great intentions of competing in both the bikini class in bodybuilding and also potentially powerlifting, although I havent quite gathered the confidence or sass yet to do either!( this process has been going on a few years now at this stage!)

I am a qualified personal trainer and just completed my masters in exercise and nutrition which although I found the statistics part a total nightmare, really enjoyed and got to read non stop journals along the way helping me expand my knowledge in the industry, with special attention to cutting in weight class sports such as MMA, powerlifting and bodybuilding. I’m a bit of a science nerd, but my one true love is food, which is what got me involved in flexible dieting and weightlifting in the first place, I truly train to eat!